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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Did you know?

Spokane Falls (SFCC) and Spokane Community College (SCC) students can take part in fantastic study abroad programs. These programs let you earn college credits while studying in a foreign country.

Study abroad students posing on a street in LondonWhy study abroad?

Studying in a foreign country is an amazing way to experience a new culture by living in it every day learning about our global community. It is the very best way to improve your foreign language skills by being immersed in real conversations and experiences. Plus study abroad students gain independence and confidence by learning how to navigate and enjoy new experiences around the world.

Find out more about community college students around the country taking part in study abroad programs.


Study abroad students posing in Australia by the waterPaying for study abroad opportunities

While you will experience some additional costs when you study abroad, there are ways to help make this adventure possible for many Spokane Falls and Spokane Community College (SFCC) students. Our study abroad programs are short and usually take place in the summer so you can earn a few credits and stay on track with your graduation goals.

One way to help pay for Study Abroad is to apply for a Gilman Scholarship.  It's a federal program that aims to diversify the kinds of students who study abroad by offering awards to U.S. undergraduates who might not otherwise not participate due to financial constraints. Financial aid can be used toward tuition, program fees and some expenses. Be sure to meet with a financial aid advisor to get specific details.

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