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Save Time and Money with Destination Eastern

Destination EWU is an exclusive transfer opportunity for CCS students. Start here and finish there to save time, money and receive additional student support.

  • Application fee waived for qualified applicants if your application is submitted by February 1.
  • No transcript exchange fee. CCS will send your official transcripts to EWU for free.

  • Need more information? Talk to your SCC/ SFCC Transfer Counselor for more information or attend an information session with an EWU representative on campus.


  • Apply to EWU by February 1

  • Complete 40 (or close to 40) transferable credits at the time of application. Students should be on track to complete the AA-DTA prior to EWU enrollment.

  • Currently enrolled at Spokane Community College or Spokane Falls Community College


SCC Counseling Contact, Bill Rambo, [p]

SFCC Counseling, [p] 509.533.3525,

EWU Admissions Contact, Cheyanne Robertson, [p] 509.359.6644, [c] 509.559.2239,