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Spokane Community College restaurant is hidden gem of Eastern corridor

[SPOKANE, Wash.] Orlando’s Restaurant is a hidden gem carved into the heart of the Spokane Community College campus, where culinary students from near and far come to perfect their craft.

With decades of hospitality service under its belt, Orlando’s has had plenty of time to prove itself as an affordable, unique dining option in Spokane’s East corridor.
The restaurant is fully operated by SCC Inland Northwest Culinary Academy students and instructing chefs who offers hungry customers a full fine dining experience. Each quarter, the menu is a surprise filled with seasonal ingredients and topped with creative spins from the students and chefs.

INCA culinary students work up the ranks of the culinary program to finally fill the tables of Orlando’s with good eats during their final quarter at SCC.

To test out the spring menu, Community Colleges of Spokane sent two district employees to report back on what the hype is all about.

The first course was a creamy potato leek soup du jour, bread rolls and croquettes placed on top of a warm, creamy red sauce — compliments of the chef.

The potato leek soup was topped with crispy onions, giving the cozy appetizer’s texture a fair balance.

Good things come in small packages, or giant spoons? The deep-fried French style croquettes were served in small ladles holding the fried treat on top of a sweet red sauce that proved to be the perfect pair on the palette.  

Orlando’s offers six different entrées meaning there are some serious decisions to make on your lunch break.

Designated CCS critics opted for salmon cakes and the INCA burger both for $8.50.

The pan-seared salmon was served carefully on top of a lime ginger butter sauce with a side of potatoes, Brussel sprouts and bacon while the burger was everything that you’d hope for in the classic American dish with a side of house-made fries.

If you still have room for dessert, a house-made ricotta cheesecake with a blueberry compote and an apple crumble are there to satisfy your sweet tooth.

For about $20 customers get a four-course meal and students get the experience of practicing their skills in real time. Everybody wins.

Orlando’s is located at 1810 N. Greene Street, Bldg1, Room R110, Spokane, WA 99217. Reservations for spring quarter are full, but check back in this fall for the new menu. 

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5/6/2024 8:29:12 AM

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