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Get lost in SFCC's art gallery with alum Quincey Miracle

By: Kayla Friedrich


[SPOKANE, Wash.] The Fine Art Gallery at Spokane Falls Community College has become a time capsule, leading viewers through what feels like a spin-off of “The Goonies” movie set. For the next couple of weeks, it’s a host to any adventurers’ necessities — a tree house, a blanket fort, a lofted bedroom with pencil drawing pinned to its walls and arguably the most critical piece of any lived experience — conflict. 

SFCC alum Quincey Miracle constructed their interactive installation exhibit, “It’s Easy to Get Lost Here”, as an invitation for viewers to explore adverse childhood experiences, trauma processing and the ways these inform the development of a person’s identity. 

Miracle graduated from SFCC’s fine art program in 2015 and moved on to Central Washington University to receive their BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Sculpture, and then to the University at Buffalo to receive an MFA in Sculpture and Extended Media.  

“I enjoy building stuff because it feels like building a fort when I was a kid,” Miracle said. “I enjoy the finished project and seeing everybody interact with that and seeing different personalities meld with that work.” 

It was at SFCC in Bernadette Vielbig’s 3D Design course that Miracle first experienced what it felt like to have fun making the art, rather than only enjoying the final product. There was no looking back from here. Miracle was hooked on installation and sculpture art.  

Their artist voice began to form at SFCC with artwork that made commentaries of institution. They said SFCC gave them a strong base formally and visually that prepared them to dive into their art more conceptually in their undergraduate and master's programs. Eventually, Miracle began tinkering with ways to talk about the subject of mental illness and personal adversity in undergrad, and later leaning into the queer subtext of their work during their time at Buffalo.  

“By the time I got to Central where some of my peers were still experimenting, I felt like I had a solid visual language, understanding of mediums and ideas of art and was prepared to dive right in,” Miracle said.   

Being welcomed back to their old stomping grounds at SFCC with the chance to create an exhibit and reconnect with people who were influencers of their artist journey was a fulfilling, full-circle moment for Miracle.  

“It was really special to come back and see the building before it is demolished,” Miracle said. “A lot of people like Bernadette have either moved on retired or passed away but it was cool to see Carl and Megan. It’s a really fantastic program with high caliber classes and I’m very thankful to have attended.”  

“It’s Easy to Get Lost Here” will be on display at SFCC’s Fine Art Gallery in Building 6 until Feb. 1.  

Now go on, get lost.  

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1/23/2024 1:57:35 PM

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Kayla Friedrich



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