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Snow Removal at SFCC

During the snow season (generally Dec. 1 – March 1) Facilities is on alert for snow and ice removal needs. We will do everything we can to make walking and driving on campus as safe as possible.


Any time there are conditions that will produce ice on our walks and roads we attempt to put out liquid de-icer before 8 am. Monday through Friday. While this does not necessarily melt the ice, it does make removal easier. On weekends, we control ice as needed. Please note that we do not put deicer or salt on sidewalks that are less than a year old as it damages the newer concrete. We will do our best to remove the snow and ice in those areas.

Snow Removal

When students, Faculty and Staff are on campus (traditionally 8 am to 2 pm) Monday through Friday, if there is 1/2" of snow on the ground we will start clearing as soon as we can. Outside of those hours (evening and early morning) if there is 1 1/2" or more of snow we will respond and start clearing snow as early as possible for the start of business. Our priorities for snow removal per SFCC Snow Removal Procedures are described below. In most instances activities are happening simultaneously.

  • Plowing/de-icing sidewalks
  • Main campus roads
  • Campus parking lots
  • Off-Campus sites
  • Fire hydrants

How You Can Help

Please note that Facilities will not plow parking lots while occupied by vehicles. Please do not park vehicles overnight as this ensures that we are able to clear parking lots for staff, faculty and students by morning. When parking on campus be careful not to let your vehicle hang over the sidewalk. This allows our tractors to have a clear and safe passageway

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12/4/2023 9:19:30 AM

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