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Governor Jay Inslee visits Spokane Falls Community College

“My one criticism of your generation is that you are not critical enough of mine,” Governor Jay Inslee told the group of attentive Spokane Falls Community College students. “Be demanding for change and a healthy planet.”
Governor Inslee visited SFCC today as part of his Earth Day celebrations to learn more about the ongoing efforts to increase sustainability practices on campus. Chancellor Christine Johnson and SFCC President Kimberlee Messina greeted Governor Inslee before heading over to talk about climate change with some of our most environmentally engaged community members.
The Environmental Club excitedly welcomed Governor Inslee to discuss their work promoting sustainability. The governor encouraged the students to think even bigger and share their ideas on what Washington state can do to better protect the environment. 
“We have a whole generation of new leaders that you represent,” Governor Inslee told the crowd.
When posed with a question from the governor about what his team can do to help mobilize the next generation against climate change, the students stressed the importance of looking at the bigger picture.
“It is important to understand the many avenues through which climate change affects your life,” one Environmental Club member said. “It affects the very cost of living your life.”
The group also proudly shared their fruitful efforts with the Bigfoot Garden. Much of the garden’s produce is donated to the SFCC Food Pantry.
“The garden is designed to be a living classroom,” said instructor Monica Stenzel, Director of the Sustainability Center. “It’s a safe place where we can all work together. The garden is a wholesome and productive project that brings us a sense of community during challenging times.”
Governor Inslee presented his own donation for the garden, sharing a packet of mixed seeds from Eastern Washington University for the students to include in their next planting season.  
The governor’s enthusiasm for the discussion was undeniable. He ended the meeting by encouraging the students to keep on their paths of environmental stewardship and consider turning their passion for nature into careers.
“All it takes is a small connection to nature to care about the environment,” Governor Inslee said.

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4/28/2022 3:48:50 PM

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