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SCC and SFCC students may be eligible for more financial aid

Given the harsh circumstances caused by COVID-19, we know many of our students and their family members are without work. Which is why we're excited to share that students may adjust financial aid based on a change in circumstances.

That's right: colleges -- including Spokane Community College and Spokane Falls Community College -- may provide more financial aid based on a student's or parent's job loss, reduced income, loss of benefits (such as child support) or even extraordinary medical or dental bills.

Requirements can vary, so we recommend contacting the SCC Financial Aid or SFCC Financial Aid offices to talk about options.

If you've already filed a 2020-21 FAFSA or WASFA, talk to the office about your situation. If you haven't filed, it's not too late! Submit your application, then follow up with the college to discuss changes. 

Learn more about financial aid appeals and planning for the future during COVID on the Washington Student Achievement Council website.

For more help, visit our SCC Remote Student Services and SFCC Remote Student Affairs pages.

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5/19/2020 11:00:21 AM

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Jonathan Glover



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